A Diet that Feeds the World


Let’s take the first step by;

Adding ONE Climatarian dish to the menu.

I’m an owner / a chef / a manager
of a Restaurant / Cafe

Restaurant / Cafe

Switching ONE Lunch or Dinner, Once a Week, to a Climatarian Meal.

I’m a Conscious Human Being


Individual food choice is a powerful driver of
global warming and desertification.
#ClimatarianMovement is an opportunity for us
to understand this challenge from a bigger picture,
and become part of the solution.

Join the Climatarian Movement today.

Do you talk about climate change when you have meals with your family, friends, colleagues at work, or students at school?
Can you actually imagine what you are eating could be related to the warming temperature or frequent flooding?

Climatarian Dish Ingredients

Your Climatarian dish is made with love and creativity, using ingredients that are;


Plant-based (No use of animal-derived ingredients)


Locally sourced where possible (No use of imported ingredients)


Unprocessed or minimally processed


Minimally packaged


Organic (At least 80% of total ingredients by weight must be produced without the use of synthetic chemicals, and 100% without genetically modified components)

What Makes Climatarian, CLIMATARIAN?

Yes, we keep calculating the emissions. We will visualize the impact we can make through #ClimatarianMovement.

A note about the term “Climatarian”

We, GoSustainable, did not create the term Climatarian.
Although Climatarian has not yet been recognized widely, it has been used as a diet or a food choice by some limited organizations and individuals.
Based on Google search results, Climatarian is more commonly used for swapping beef or lamb for pork or poultry to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
The above is GoSustainable and #ClimatarianMovement’s unique definition of the term Climatarian.
The possible difference between other definitions is that our version of Climatarian is plant-based yet not just Vegan. Our Climatarian excludes food crops grown with synthetic chemicals that cause ecosystem deterioration and biodiversity loss.

Climatarian Movement

GoSustainable, the founder of #ClimatarianMovement, is a small team of science-based, impact-driven sustainability consultants based in Ubud, Bali.

We calculate the Carbon Dioxide, Methane, and Nitrous Oxide emissions from food production based on national and global statistics, and estimate how much reduction of Greenhouse gas emissions could be achieved through this movement.

There are significant links between meat/dairy consumption as well as using synthetic chemicals for agriculture and extensive water/land use, deforestation, wetland degradation, and desertification.

By reducing meat/dairy consumption, and choosing organically grown vegetables and fruits, the planet can save freshwater and land which are vital for planting food crops to feed the growing population.

Our initial target is one thousand restaurants across Indonesia to join this campaign by introducing one Climatarian dish on their menu and presenting its concept to their customers.
Through this campaign, we encourage individuals to switch one meal per week to Climatarian to start with.


Collaboration with food rescue/surplus food redistribution initiatives

The participating restaurants are expected to collaborate with local organizations that rescue and redistribute surplus food. This effort further reduces GHG emissions from waste, and provides nutritious meals to the people in need.

In Bali alone in 2021, we rescued
99,300kg of surplus food. Through that,
188,700kg of GHG emissions were diverted,
and we were able to serve over 1,000,000 meals.
Minni Vangsgaard, General Manager

Scholars of Sustenance Indonesia (SOS Bali)

Very excellent program, as a part of the food bank effort to solve the community’s hunger issues, we hope there will be more similar programs to spread sustainable lifestyle to everyone!
Cogito Ergo Sumadi Rasan – Manajer Umum

FoodCycle Indonesia

The more restaurants join Climatarian Movement,
the more carbon footprint that we can reduce,
and at the same time, the more underprivileged
people benefitted from surplus food sharing.
Eva Bachtiar ,Co-founder & CEO

Garda Pangan

” Yesterday I was clever,
so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise,
so I am changing myself.”

Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi

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